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Septic Tank Treatment

Septic Tank Treatment

Septic Tank Treatment is done by Compact Aeration Units (Services). Septic Tank Treatment is a cost effective solution for daily sewage flow of up to 60000 liters (or domestic sewage generated by about 600 persons). We have installed treatment facility in the Septic Tank at the farmhouse of the very well known Mr. Ajay Kalsi on NH8.

Biorganic Puts Nature To Work :

  • After installing the Compact Aeration Unit – Bugsy into any single or either of a two chamber septic tank system, the Biorganic Blend of powerful Biological agents immediately begins processing waste (including nitrates) within the tank and continues to work in the soak pit.
  • Conventional septic systems have one basic flaw : they try to fool Mother Nature. Over billions of years it evolved aerobic (air – breathing) bacteria as the most effective organism for removing bio waste from the environment.
  • Septic tank sends only partly digested wastes into the soil. Sadly slime generating fecal bacteria dominates the process, clogging the soil of the soak pit.
  • The system is of two components, the Bugsy bacterial generator cum multiplier and the Biorganic blend of 56 specialized, strengthened and adapted microbes, suited for most effluents – industrial or domestic .
  • The Bugsy generator consists of a diffuser and air pumping system, consuming about 200 watts of energy (suitable for 5000 to 6000 liters per day of sewage) and where the microbes grow (over a plastic media, known as MBBR Media), survive, oxidize and move with the discharged wastewater.

Problems in Septic Tanks :

  • Septic Odours of Methane and Hydrogen Sulphide
  • Ingests Nitrates into soils
  • Slime producing; results in clogging Bio Mat
  • Needs frequent cleaning of Septic Tank and Soak Pit or Leach Field
  • Treated wastewater contains large quantities of organic matter.

What Bugsy does to solve these problems?

  • Restores problematic systems
  • Shows Improvement Immediately
  • Eliminates Foul Smell
  • Protects new systems
  • Helps in water recharging
  • Protects environmentally friendly locations
  • Can be installed in existing tanks

How does the Bugsy Work :

  • The Bugsy is the most efficient aerator of the system, sending streams of micronised air, with a high Oxygen Transfer Efficiency, into the wastewater. The high exposure to Oxygen simply kills the anaerobes within the System. The Bugsy also inoculates the Septic System with the Biorganic blend of Bacterial Culture. This bacterial culture builds up a huge population (known as Bio Mass) within the Generator, while growing on the MBBR media installed in the system as well as in the Septic Tank, causing the wastewater solids to oxidize and degenerate into Carbon Dioxide and Water.
  • The Biorganic blend of microbes then travels within the treated wastewater to the clogged soil and starts to digest the Biomat, which is clogging the soil pores.
  • Sludgeless Treatment Systems are being designed by us, which allows the solids to settle at the bottom of a tank (after Biodegradation). In the presence of Microbes and Dissolved Oxygen in Water, the sludge is further degraded into Carbon Dioxide and Water, leaving behind dead Bio Mass.

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