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Septic Tank Aeration Unit

Septic Tank Aeration Unit is a Compact aeration system used to treat small and variable quantities of sewage or industrial waste water. The system is designed on the basis of up flow, attached growth system of treatment for waste water. It consists of a small aerating pump consuming 40 Watts to 200 Watts of power, a suitable air diffuser, MBBR Media for attached growth with proprietary blend of microbes. The bottom of Septic Tank Aeration Unit includes a Bio Filter. The very specific design of the container ensures that all of the wastewater moves over the MBBR Media, rather, as opposed to a chance factor in the regular system. The aerating pump of our Septic Tank Aeration Unit does not require maintenance. Various models of Septic Tank Aeration Unit are available to treat sewage wastewater from 500 to 6,000 liters per day; Delivering 10 to 75 liters per minute of air and 20 to 60 sq. meters of surface area, in the MBBR Media, for bacterial growth. Multiple Units of Bugsy can cater to larger volumes. Bugsy is available in each model.

Technical Details of Operations (Model – B300/75) :

  • For a 5,000 Liters per Day of Effluent, 75 liters / minute of air is released into the effluent.
  • With a transfer efficiency of about 12.5% it has the capacity to degrade 3 Kgs of B.O.D. per day, which translates to 1.8 Kg of B.O.D.5 per day, which is also treatable by the 60 sq. meters of MBBR Media.
  • Air Pump consumes 200 watts of power.
  • Can reduce B.O.D. by 85 to 95%