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MBBR Sewage Waste Water Treatment Plant

MBBR Sewage Waste Water Treatment Plant is based on MBBR system and Bio-augmentation. We are a well-known Manufacturer and Supplier of MBBR Sewage Waste Water Treatment Plant from Noida, Uttar Pradesh. The unique feature of our MBBR Sewage Waste Water Treatment Plant is to use Effective Microbes in the MBBR system which ensures better growth of microorganisms, which are far more effective and potent as compared to those, obtained from cow dung or activated sludge. MBBR Sewage Waste Water Treatment Plant can withstand shock loads and variations in temperatures and pH values.

Advantages :

  • We normally recommend installation of Stormix Submersible Jet Aerator(s). They are aerators specifically designed for Wastewater treatment. It imparts a very high Oxygen transfer rate for every Horse Power consumed and which is 40 – 42 KGs per Day. This is a highly energy and cost efficient system, made in Italy and is of Stainless Steel with a Sacrificial Anode to prevent damage to the Submerged System. The entire system is floating and can be moved as required. Most importantly does not require any regular maintenance, such as lubrication and is considerably silent.
  • Normal Intrinsic Bacteria from within the sludge and sewage is not adapted to shock loads, pH and temperature variations. We provide a special Bacterial culture Biorganic to tackle all sorts of Wastewater. This reduces sludge, consumption of power, due to lesser aeration needs and a more comprehensive treatment. Our culture contains 56 strains of Bacteria and Fungi. Every milli liter contains a million Colony Forming Units.
  • The use of Plastic (MBBR) Media (Fluidized) ensures active growth of Bacteria and higher Biomass, resulting in lower retention period to treat the Sewage. With proper growth there is no need for sludge recycling as is normal. This media is also commonly known as MBBR or FAB or Bio Pac Media and has a surface area of 900 sq. meters per cubic meter.
  • The installation of an Ultra Violet Dosing is the ultimate in Tertiary Treatment. It removes all pathogens and most odor from the treated water so that it can be put to several reuses, such as gardening, washing of paths and roads and even ground water recharging to replenish the water table.
  • Sludgeless Treatment Systems are being designed by us for lesser flows, which allows the solids to settle at the bottom of a tank (after Biodegradation). In the presence of Microbes and Dissolved Oxygen in Water, the sludge is further degraded into Carbon Dioxide and Water, in time, leaving behind dead Bio Mass.