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MBBR Media

MBBR Media is a reactor where microbes are immobilized onto individual particles in a hydraulically fluidized bed of media. The individual particles of the MBBR Media provide a vast amount of surface area for bio-film growth. MBBR Media consists of FBR that significantly reduces capital, operating and maintenance costs. In this system, attached growth and suspended growth activity takes place simultaneously. MBBR Media finds extensive usage in Moving Bed Bio Reactor (MBBR) OR Fluidized Aerobic Bed Bio Reactors (FABBR) and helps in treating the waste water effectively.

Advantage :

  • Small foot print
  • Easily upgrades the existing ETP / STP, without any civil modification or work
  • Suits perfectly with any shape of reactor!
  • Protection for the biomass
  • Excellent surface area
  • Highest quantity in per Sqmtr
  • Low density to avoid deep submerge
  • Extremely robust & reliable Provides high Bio – Surface Area.
  • Makes BioReactors compact.
  • No Sludge return System needed.